Monday, April 9, 2012

Cruise 2011 with Quinta and Frank

Mark and I had the pleasure of being able to go a cruise with my sister Quinta and her husband Frank. It was a BLAST. They have never cruised before and so it was fun to watch and see their reactions to so many different things that were taking place. I am a total nut when it comes to military items. Mark and I thought that this was a statue of a military man, in Mexico, and we wanted a picture in front of this statue. While we were standing there, Quinta took the picture. This statue MOVED. I screamed and yelped and jumped totally off the ground. I thought I was going to soil myself. It scared me that bad. I was the laugh for the day, but this soldier let us take yet another picture and he was a good sport. A beautiful end to a beautiful day with this sunset off of our room on the cruise. Thanks Q2 and Frank for going with us. XOXOXOXO

Mark's Birthday Present

Mark turned 58 in 2011 and he was not liking having to sit so close to the ground while he was driving back and forth to work each day. After driving the little car around I can see why he was saying way he was saying regarding his concerns. I asked John, my son, to locate a vehicle for me and one that I could afford and this is what John was able to find and Mark was so happy about it and still loves driving his birthday present around. I wanted Mark to be safe and sound when he has to drive so far back and forth to work.

Time flies when you are having fun!!

OK, I am totally ASHAMED of myself. IT has been 2+ years since writing on the blog site. What has gone on in 2 years, you are asking? A LOT!!!!! I have changed location of employment and I totally love my new job. Much more up my alley and love doing what I do. I am working at Atherotech, which is a cardiovascular research lab and we are now a full reference lab as well. We receive specimens from all over the world and we process and test for the testing that has been requested. Love it, love it, love it!!
Mark and I have been busy with the house, mostly Mark, because about 12 months ago, I fell and broke my left wrist in 5 places and had to have surgery on it and sometimes it just lets me know who boss is and most of the time I will ride thru it, but there are days that it does not happen. I will assist Mark in what I can, but he is the one who has been VERY busy with the house projects. Let me tell you they are total projects. It will be a WONDERFUL home when we are completed with all that we want to do with our home. I will have to say that I am one lucky lady because Mark has turned one of our 4 bedrooms into a WONDERFUL, GORGEOUS craft room for me. I will have to post pictures as the project finished up. I am one lucky lady, let me tell you. I miss not being able to make my cards and my scrap booking, but that will begin again very soon, as soon as I can locate all of my supplies. Currently they are in 2 bedrooms, family room and a basement. Go figure, right?

I will begin posting pictures and what not's very soon.

Have a marvelous day.

Monday, March 15, 2010


I have returned from being in VA, visiting with my oldest daughter, Tara and youngest daughter, Christina, Jacob and their newest addition to their family. What a sweet little fellow he is. He has his Aunt Tara so close at hand to help the "new mommy and daddy" survive the new role of parent-hood. Tara is so cool, calm and collected, that Elijah can feel it when she is holding him as well. Tara does a great job with him =:)!!Christina has had her sister, Jennifer, there taking lots of pictures of the baby and parents and got some really GREAT shots. Margaret, Chrissy's step-mom, there to help her out for about 10 days and that was WONDERFUL on her part to give up a lot of her time to come and help as well. I am sure that Elijah loved seeing his Grandma Margaret too. Thank you all for being a part of my family.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Little things that count!!

My dear husband has worked very hard at getting one of my wishes completed this past week. We purchased this house over 3 years ago and I wanted a walk in closet in the Master suite of our home. Mark made me a 6 foot by 9 foot walk in closest. DO you know how cool it is to be able to walk into your closet and have both adults clothing in the same closet and I do not have to go on scavenger hunt to find something to wear? It is pretty awesome. I will send pics thru when I get them down loaded from the camera.

Our thoughts are with you and yours.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our Newest Addition

Snickers is her name. Baby is our game. We decided that we were in our new home for 2 years now, that we needed to add another member to our family. It has been a long time since I have taken time with training a new puppy and trying to keep things going around the house at the same time, BUT, it has been a VERY LONG TIME since I have had to baby proof a home. Snickers can find things from all over the place. She is kept in the Den and in our master bedroom most of the time. She does not get to roam the entire house yet, but that is because there is another BIG puppy in the other main part of the house. Josie belongs to Adam and Amy, Mark's son and daughter in law. Snickers is 14 weeks old and is doing pretty well on potty training and she is FULL OF ENERGY!! She keeps Mark and I young at heart, needless to say.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fall Harvest

OK, I have to admit it is so totally different being able to get vegetables out of your garden at the end of November, but we did. We planted beans and peas towards the end of September and we have already gotten 2 pickings off these plants. These are green beans of a different type of variety that we planted in the garden the first time around. Yellow beans was another type of bean that we planted in this fall crop and I also preserved them by freezing. Pictures are of the beans. Mark loves to play in the dirt, so this is our reward for his wanting to play. Got to love that about you my dear husband. Thanks for wanting to take care of us this was as well.