Monday, August 18, 2008

Hott family update

Mark and I went to HI with two other couples that we knew and took a cruise. If you want to see HI and several different islands of HI, that is the way to go. It was beautiful. On our last day on the islands, 2 of the couples decided to rent scooters and go and scoot around and out to a couple of water falls. We did not make it out of the parking lot. I told mark that I did not get a good feeling about doing this activity, but Mark wanted me to at least try. I have never been on a scooter, motor cycle, moped or anything of that sort. I crashed their scooter, tore myself up really good and told myself that I will never again try something like that. I will walk, or rent a car before I do that again. I had a big GOOSE EGG on my chin and bruised myself up something awful. I cannot remember how i got back to the ship, or to my cabin. I can remember telling mark to make sure that I took 3 aspirin when we got back to the cabin and 2 every 4 hours until we landed back in Alabama. Hence forth, I did not have any blot clots any where, but I did break my right hand and had surgery on it last week and I am off for a while until it heals like the dr wants. You can see the BIG GOOSE EGG on the face. I have to say it is not that cute, and I still have a rather nice size lump under the skin. Oh well, what do you do when you are out having fun!! The other pictures are just a few of all the pictures that we took between all three couples. Yes the water is that blue. It was a GREAT trip.

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