Tuesday, October 7, 2008

With Land comes WORK!!

We have had our home now for a year. With this almost one acre comes work. Mark wanted to have some land so that he could do what he wanted to accomplish. WELL, with this land comes work. Mark loves being outside and working. The work will be on going all the time, but as we go, we try to see what it might look like in the future. Mark is cutting down the bushes on the Stoker side of our home. We will pull out the bushes and their roots and then we are thinking we will French Drain around the house and then we will replant plants in this area that will not grow as quickly as they have. The first set of pictures is when we first moved in. We trimmed the bushes back straight across and with the second set of pictures you can see that the bushes have grown quite a bit. Should be fun and it will look nicer when we have fully accomplished what we want to do.

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shumaker clan said...

It will look a lot nicer I think once you do not have the huge bushes there. Well Mark keep up all the hard work in the yard because as mom says you wanted it. HA AH HA Love ya guys. Tara