Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Here are a few pictures of the flowers around our house. With almost an acre of land, there are a lot of different vegetation growing. We really love watching the birds come and go in around all the bushes and then to see them on the front porch building nests and all. I can tell you that we have our hands full with the house and then this BIG HUGE yard that Mark wanted. He is having fun cutting the grass with a push mower because he agreed to do that if we purchased this house. I think he is loving all the space that we have and he can play in the yard. Mark is getting ready to put together a garden for us. He has the plants and now he is going to put together his garden plot.
Lots of plans in his head and now trying to get them on to the property.



The Lilly Family said...

Looks like fun, and a lot of work! Have fun mowing Mark!

shumaker clan said...

s a lot of fun to mow the grass. Everyones wish to do. Just go buy him a riding lawn mower. It would be easier. Love ya