Sunday, March 8, 2009


We are at it again. The weather is getting nicer here in AL and we are beginning to go outside and work on the yard. That mainly is Mark's job, but he wants me to suggest to put different items in the ground.

Adam, one of Mark's son has moved in with us and shortly his wife Amy will be here as well. Adam does not like living in big cities and he wants a job that he can use his hands with. Adam has a BA in music, but he likes working with his hands and loves to do many things. Mark talked to one of their vendors from the mine and got Adam an interview and Adam was hired on Friday to begin work on Monday. Adam was very happy about it. He likes being able to challenge himself to do better and greater things, so this job will be right up his alley. He is going to be doing electrical business and the company that has hired him is going to put him thru his electrical journeyman class and then he will also take the MSHA training so that Adam can go under ground. Adam will be going to several the different mines here in this area. Adam is quite excited about getting this job.

We hope all is well with everyone. When I get these pictures ready to post, I will show you more of the updates on our home. It is coming along nicely, but slowly, but that is the way to go so that we do not have too many projects not completed.


shumaker clan said...

Well have fun with Adam there. I am sure Mark is loving it. And as far as warm weather, you know it is not here to stay yet so you beter enjoy it while you can.

Christina said...

Is that all poor Mark gets to do??? JK hope you enjoy the weather for a little while at least. Love you