Monday, April 9, 2012

Time flies when you are having fun!!

OK, I am totally ASHAMED of myself. IT has been 2+ years since writing on the blog site. What has gone on in 2 years, you are asking? A LOT!!!!! I have changed location of employment and I totally love my new job. Much more up my alley and love doing what I do. I am working at Atherotech, which is a cardiovascular research lab and we are now a full reference lab as well. We receive specimens from all over the world and we process and test for the testing that has been requested. Love it, love it, love it!!
Mark and I have been busy with the house, mostly Mark, because about 12 months ago, I fell and broke my left wrist in 5 places and had to have surgery on it and sometimes it just lets me know who boss is and most of the time I will ride thru it, but there are days that it does not happen. I will assist Mark in what I can, but he is the one who has been VERY busy with the house projects. Let me tell you they are total projects. It will be a WONDERFUL home when we are completed with all that we want to do with our home. I will have to say that I am one lucky lady because Mark has turned one of our 4 bedrooms into a WONDERFUL, GORGEOUS craft room for me. I will have to post pictures as the project finished up. I am one lucky lady, let me tell you. I miss not being able to make my cards and my scrap booking, but that will begin again very soon, as soon as I can locate all of my supplies. Currently they are in 2 bedrooms, family room and a basement. Go figure, right?

I will begin posting pictures and what not's very soon.

Have a marvelous day.

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