Thursday, June 26, 2008

Family Room Refurbishing

Mark has decided that we are going to complete the one end of the house, the one that we mainly live in. SOOOOOO Mark has begun the family room. A total refurbish job is going on. From ceiling to floor. We have several pictures of the wild animals that we saw in South Africa and that is what we are basing our family room on. Walls are two toned. Yes you are seeing orange!! NOT a bright orange, but a Burnt Sienna color of orange. The other color is like a earthy tone of Taupe. The floors are going to be wood with a rug on the floor, when we get that far. The brick wall that you see in the pictures is no longer there. That is where Mark is putting the stucco on them. It looks so nice, in my opinion only. We will keep you updated as we proceed with our projects. Mark does good work and he enjoys seeing the vision come together.

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