Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Salvage or not?

Let me tell you when things happen they happen for a reason. Getting a salvage title to your vehicle has been very interesting on our part. Tried to go and tag our tracker and there was a hit put on the title. When I crashed with the camper attached to it, we decided to retain our tracker and not sell it to the insurance company. WELL, low and behold, there are several HOOPs that have to be jumped thru to get a legal tag for this vehicle. We thought it would take about 30 days to get things finished on this situation. Mark drives 25 miles one way to work, and I drive 6 miles to work. Not in the same direction and since we are not on the same hours currently, we were not able to go to one car. We checked into renting a car. OH MY!!! What an expense that was. SO, to make a long story short, we decided it was time to check into purchasing a different set of wheels. OK, now it really shocked me when I found out how much wheels cost these days. But you can see our pictures of our new wheels and I am driving it back and forth with Mark driving my baby back and forth to work. New wheels do not get the same mileage the Jetta. What does one do?

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