Monday, June 9, 2008


10 years ago: I was in Europe with my closest friend and traveling buddy, Friedel and Justin and Christian.

5 non-work things on my list today to complete: A) Water all plants in the green house, B) make some additional meals for Mark for his lunches. C) Plenty of food for all the cats that are going to the shelter here in the next couple of days, hopefully. D) Put birthday card in the mail for John III
E) Hang more pictures up in the dining room

5 snacks that I like: A) Silk light, B) sugar free jello C) Almonds D) all kinds of SOUPS E) Hot chocolate with French Vanilla seasoning, sugar free of course.

If I were a Billionaire what would I do? Set up trust funds for our grand-children, purchase a place, HUGE place, and set it up for our entire family to come and visit as they would like, along with suppling some of the animals for them to enjoy. I would also make sure that our children are OK financially and leave enough for Mark and I to live comfortably. After that, I would share with my family and take care of their needs as well. I would also set enough aside for Mark and I to be able to serve a couple of missions for the church.

Places I have lived: Too many to name. Purchased a home in AL, have lived in CO, AZ, UT, KY, OH, IN, CA, AK, KS, MO, ND, ID, OK, and LA, I will have to think about that one. Like I stated, too many to remember.

Jobs I have had: My best job that I have had is BEING A MOM!!! I also love being a wife too. I would n ever trade any of my time being a mom. I still love being a mom. I loved sharing with my children and continue to be there for them if they need me to be. I have worked in the paper business, the business work, worked with juveniles and adults in the legal system, I have and currently working in the medical field.

I am not sure who I will tag for this information, but I will follow up with it on a later date.

Have fun reading.

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