Friday, June 6, 2008

OK, you garden buff's. Take a look at Mark's garden. Yes, we know it is rather on the small side, but, for this year, it will do. Mark is trying his hand at gardening again. He loves to play in the dirt. He does not mind at all getting in the dirt and playing and digging and watering and of course the EVER, NEVER, ENDING Weeding project. It is not as nice as some of the pictures I have seen on your gardens, but maybe next year.


Christa Johnson said...

Hey Questa, thanks for commenting on my blog because then I had a chance to find your blog as well. Awesome!! I hope all is well in your life, tomorrow we have a 12-hour scrapbooking day at the community center. I am excited, but I doubt that I can sneak away for that long. You wouldn't even recognize Bagdad anymore because they built a whole bunch of new houses everywhere, it is weird. Now they are having a lottery to see who gets to live in them.
I still think of you when I drive by your old house, the Langstons are keeping it looking nice for you...

Christa Johnson said...

I just wanted to add another comment that I looked at your house in some older posts on your blog and it looks really pretty!!! Everything is sooooo green and the house is very beautiful!!!
I just thought I would add that..