Sunday, April 12, 2009


Today is Easter. This is a day reflect on what the Savior has done for us, so that we may return to live with Him once more. I am glad that we live in a country that we can do just that. Time to reflect on our freedom and to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of our different military branches that we have, so that we can worship the way that we can.

Mark's Easter present continues on for this entire year. Care to guess what the Easter Bunny brought him? Mark had stated that he had not gone out to get any Easter Candy for himself and I just told him to remember that he had to believe in the Easter Bunny and he might just get what he wanted for Easter. 78 Cadbury Creme Eggs. He loves these things and they only come out one time a year.

So between his year long present and special little treats he gets, Mark had a great Easter.

I had to work, but he was off and he enjoyed himself just being able to RELAX and not have a "Honey Do List" meeting him in the eye this weekend.

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