Friday, April 24, 2009


I decided that maybe I should try to help Mark with the yard work. I am digging up a couple of garden beds and planting flowers, shrubs and what nots. One WHAT NOT THAT I AM NOT taking care of is SNAKES!!! This critter went across the top of my bare foot and I jumped at least 2 feet in the air, if not more and screamed like nobody has ever heard me scream. Thank goodness Precious, the resident cat, was on hand. She attacked the snake, after the snake was trying to strike at Precious. Precious got the snake pretty good and I thought it was dead. I did not go out and test to see if it was going to move. I just stayed on our back porch and took pictures. I knew that Mark would think i was CRAZY if I told him about my snake crossing, so I took picture to prove I was not too terribly looney. I have informed Mark that my gardening days are DONE and that he can have his entire yard back. If this is the thanks I get about getting out there and helping him out, I want no part of it. No thank you. Not today, Not tomorrow, NOT NEVER!!!! The snake was excorted back down to the pond area by our resident Precious. Thank goodness for Precious.


shumaker clan said...

That is crazy woman. I am glad your cat attacked the snack. You better not get rid of her now. Well Mark will have doing it all now. he will not even care. You stay inside where you belong any how. HA HA Love you Tara

Christina said...

YEAH RIGHT MARK a garden snake??? Well I guess that gives you an excuse to stay inside and play!!!