Saturday, April 18, 2009


Mark is in HEAVEN right now. He got a new toy and is loving it totally. He has a riding lawn mower. He cut the grass this morning in the front and the back in the time that it would have taken 4 days to do with the push mower. He was singing "Green Acre's" while he was riding his newest toy. I am happy for him that he was able to locate one that we could afford. It is used, but it is NEW for Mark. Adam got out his weed eater and did the culvert area that the lawn mowers won't get to. So it is a family affair at the moment.


shumaker clan said...

Well I am glad Mark finally got that. I thought you guys were not getting it yet though. Well it will make cutting the grass a ton easier.

Stef Brandmeier said...

It's really cool that Mark got that mower. It looks like he is having so much fun with it. We've acutally done just the opposite. In the course of moving to our house, my dad moved from a riding mower to a push mower. This is actually a pretty good thing, though, because there is just so much less grass to cut now. But there is lots of different work to do now. Just recently, we put together our supply of wood logs for the next two winters worth of heating (we heat with wood logs and flat-plate collectors). Lots of work to do around a house, isn't it?